Container Gardening and All Purpose Plant Food

By: Watch Us Grow
Many folks who are interested in vegetable gardening have the issue of
not enough space to do it, No need to fret, just do it in containers.
You can use anything your imagination can dream up to grow Vegetables in.
Think outside the pot.

Just make sure that the water can drain through whatever it is you have
selected to grow your Veggies in.
You can always go the traditional route to, pots of all shapes and sizes.
And pots made from many different materials are readily available.

We here at Watch Us Grow always suggest that you go to your local
Garden Center or Greenhouse to get your plants , potting soil and
whatever you may find that you need. They offer the knowledge and have
the experience to get you the best products for your project.
The plants are always superior to the big box selections, ask them if
they have the same potting mix they use for sale to the public.
Usually they do, and it is far better than the nationally known

As always you will need a good All Purpose Liquid Plant Food, we suggest Watch Us Grow.

Just a few examples of some popular container vegetables:

  • Look for plants that are listed as patio types ,bush ,space saver and compact
  • Tomatoes- patio, Tiny Tim ,Small Fry ,Toy Boy ,Saladette
  • Cucumbers- Bush Pickle, Spacemaster ,Salad Bush Hybrid
  • Green Beans-French Dwarf, Blue Lake ,Kentucky Wonder  or use a trellis and grow pole type
  • Peppers- Jalapeno, Sweet Banana, Frigitello, Robustini
  • Squash-Gold Rush, Ronde de Nice
  • Leaf Lettuce-Salad Bowl ,Bibb ,Buttercrunch
  • Radishes-Cherry Belle ,Scarlet Globe, Icicle

These are just some of the many Veggies you can grow in containers
From here you just need to have fun with it, be creative move your
plantings around throughout the growing season if you get tired of
looking at the same old arrangement.
Then enjoy the harvest , there is nothing more satisfying than
growing your own veggies and nothing tastes better.

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