Gardening with your kids.

Gardening with your kids.

After the long cold winter sometimes we don’t think it will ever happen, but spring does come eventually. The Sun shines brightly, the soil warms up and some of our favorites start the pop through the ground ,daffodils,crocuses and such.

Getting the kids involved in gardening can be nothing but a good thing, they will learn so much, it can be a lot of very messy work and sometimes mother nature has plans of her own that don’t agree with yours. Pests may make their way into your garden and make things difficult, but don’t give up, the rewards far outweigh the challenges.

 The kids will learn understanding of where food comes from and what goes into producing healthy food. And there is the obvious benefit, Nutrition, I have found with my own daughter she is more likely to eat a tomato or bean or cucumber out of the garden,than one that is served to her that came from the store.

Before you know it the kids will know all the names of the plants, the difference between the weeds and the fruit or vegetable your growing.

Just the appreciation of the work that goes into growing your own food will greatly benefit the kids as they grow up.

So  go out and get some child sized garden tools, wheel barrel, hoes and rakes, and enjoy the growing season with your kids.

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Is it to early to start thinking about spring gardening?


spring gardening

With spring fast approaching,(march 20th) some are starting to think about gardening. Thats great because in some cases there is things you can do to get ready.

1.Check your soil

Don’t be to gungho ,make sure the soil is not to wet.a good rule of thumb is to grab a handful of soil and squeeze it into a ball, if it crumbles apart in your hand its ready to go. If not you have some time to wait. And of course always continue to add to your soil , any time is a good time to add compost. Test your soils PH, this will help to tell you what your soil may or may not be lacking. You can get the kits at your local greenhouse or garden center.

2.Clean up your garden beds

After the soil is dry enough, any leftover fruit or veggies you may have missed last fall should be removed. Any of the ornamental grasses that were left for the winter can be cut back. Pull mulches back from around the bases of perennials and roses.

3.It’s also a good time to prune

March is a good time to prune your fruit trees, or any of your flowering trees you may have ,cut off branches that were broken over winter , also cut branches that are rubbing on one another.

4.Do you like to start your own plants?

March is also a good month for starting your seeds indoors, as we have written in the past, if you don’t have a nice sunny spot for starting your plants you can use lights. Remember that seeds always seem to germinate better with a heating pad under the flat or pots that you are using.

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Winter Burn


Why did my evergreens turn brown?

Here in the Midwest we had an unusually harsh winter , cold and snow
like we have not seen in quite some time.

Many evergreens may have turned brown or a golden color, this is called
winter burn.

The main reason this happens is because the tree or plant cannot take up
water from the ground because it is frozen.

They need to replace the water that the sun will evaporate from the leaves
or needles.

The extremely cold winds can also cause the winter burn.

Another cause is salt – salt from the plows that keep the roadways clear
or the salt that you may use to keep you walkways or decks free of ice.
This salt can be thrown from the plows or shoveled from your walkways onto
or under the trees or plants.

One way to protect your trees or plants is to wrap them in burlap for the
winter, they will not miss the sun as they are dormant in the winter.
But most of all you need to be patient – chances are very high that the
tree or plant will be just fine, after it warms up the tree or plant
should green right back up and look just fine.

Tomato Gardening Tips for Tasty Fruit


What better way to celebrate summer than planting your own tomato plant and picking fresh fruit right off the vine. It is never too early in the season to start thinking about your tomato garden. Growing great tasting tomatoes doesn’t just happen, however. It takes some time tested growing tips to get the earliest and sweetest tomatoes you can and continue to getting them all season.

Space Out Your Seedlings

Starting tomatoes from seed can be very rewarding if you remember one simple rule: give your seedlings room to branch out. When planting seeds it is important to remember their need for space when the plants become more mature. Close quarters can inhibit growth so you should transplant the small plants as soon as the first true leaves sprout out. They should then be planted in four inch pots to continue their growth.

Remember Light

Tomato plants are light loving and need strong, direct sunlight or at least 14 to 18 hours under grow lights every day. When considering where to plant your seedlings, you should look for the sunniest part of the garden and plant there. You can place containers or pots in that area if the soil is not conducive to planting directly in ground.

Bury and Mulch

If you purchase more mature tomato plants, you may have noticed the pots are rather shallow. You should remove them from the pot and replant them in the ground or another pot all the way up to the few top leaves of the plant. One great thing about tomato plants is they can develop root systems all along the stem of the plant. Once the plant is buried in the soil, you should mulch to conserve water and help prevent disease.

Prune and Water

Once the tomato plants have started growing, you should remove the bottom leaves of the plant. These leaves are the ones most affected by disease and fungus. You should also remove the suckers that develop in the joints of two branches. These suckers take away from the energy of the entire plant. The final thing is to remember to water the plant regularly while it is growing. If you do not, you run the risk of blossom end rot and cracking.

Is our food supply in danger

Lets face facts , if we had to raise our own food to survive most people would not make it.

This is a very real possibility – with the technology of patenting seeds called Genetic Engineering (GE). This technology is imperfect at best,it’s cell invasion that transfers selected traits of one specie to the engineered specie. This can result in a plant that will resist some of the common problems some crops have. But in natures complex world, such manipulation of genes and cells can cause major problems.

For example some of the GE seeds have genes from pesticides in them , causing the plant to behave like a pesticide. These muti national corporations with their bought and paid for Governments and regulators expect us to eat the GE foods produced from these seeds. They of course have obtained approval for human consumtion by saying that their GE foods and fibers are “substantially equivalent” to the heirloom types , but in the same breath also say that their products are “quite different” and should have patent protection.

Wait a minute ,- who invented the first seeds which they are messing with. Oh yeah -… Mother Nature! They ( the mutinational corporations) need to wake up , don’t be messing’ with Mother Nature, she has a way of always coming out on top.

The worlds Farmers are the ones that have developed the best hybrids , over many years of testing and trials. Natural hybridization is the natural genetic modification of seeds , this practice has gone on for thousands of years. But when the mutinational corporations came on the scene they used agricultural scientist to gain the trust of the farmers, who in turn helped them promote their GM (genetically modified) seeds.

Actually got them to believe that the GM seeds were better than their own. The typical farmer wants to boost his yield because he believes it leads to more income,and this is exactly what the mutinationals want them to believe ,this is not the truth . If all farms had bumper crops consistently the prices crash and no one suffers worse than the farmer. Farmers who understand the market and consumer behavior make money.

Many of the GM seeds that promised greater yields have failed to perform, but have been successful in contaminating
exsisting farmland and the environment. The use of these GM seeds is possibly the largest uncontrolled biological experiment ever released into the open environment.The mutinationals don’t know the long term affects of the continued use of the GM’s nor do I believe they care.

Biological pollution replicates itself in the environment, and it will intensify with time. At this time we know of no way to reverse this, but we do know some of the consequences of continued use of these GM seeds.

One extremely alarming fact is (CCD)Colony Collapse Disorder,  70% to 90% of bee colonies disappeared in two states in the United States where GM’s were extensively used. A study by German scientists found traces of genes from the GM’s in the gut lining of baby bees, and believe that the GM’s are responsible for the CCD.

Albert Einstein once said that without the honey bee man would not survive for more than 4 years. Of all the multinationals none of them compete with each other, for instance Monsanto has control of canola, soybean and vegetable seeds. They also have 25% to 30% of cucumber , potato and tomato seeds.

Here’s a surprise-not  , the USDA is in bed with Monsanto, owning stock in a company that Monsanto succesfully took over. I guess this is just a fact of life, man is out to destroy this planet ,all for the cash.

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Beautiful Gardens start with the soil

Spring, when we gardeners start thinking about digging in the soil. Soil preparation is critical to succesful gardens. Plants receive many of their nutrients from the soil, so building your soil up to a point of it being beneficial is important. This does not happen overnight, you should be adding composted material to your soil consistently.

We as gardeners are lucky, we have a simple and low cost solution to our number one problem in the garden….. Yes, compost is easy to obtain and we all produce the materials used in the making of it daily. Much of our common kitchen waste makes for wonderful compost, also lawn clippings and leaves.

Another good source is animal manure, but it must be composted or it will likely do harm to your plants due to the fact that fresh manure is high in ammonia. Fresh manure can be applied to your gardens in the fall and by spring will be perfect for you to plant.

Most plant material after being composted is beneficial. Peat moss is always a good addition to the soil. Now that your soil is prepped and ready to go for another season you need plants. If you choose to buy plants, we recommend going to your local independent Garden Center or Greenhouse, they will have knowledgeable people that can answer any questions you may have. When choosing your plants don’t automatically think you should get the biggest one. Look for a full , lush and sometimes smaller plant with tight buds [if it’s a flowering plant].

Remember to always look your plants over carefully,mainly keep a close eye out for bugs, you don’t need to bring any of them home with you. As far as planting your plants, the labels will tell you whether you should place them in the sun or the shade. Once they are planted feed regularly with a balanced liquid plant food. We suggest Watch Us Grow all purpose liquid plant food.


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Growing Fruits

Considering the hardships we’re all experiencing when it comes to buying eco-friendly fruits and vegetables that are not entirely injected with harmful substances for our own health, growing fruits in your own garden seems to be a top-notch idea. There are plenty of tips and pieces of advice you really need to be fully aware of, if you’re planning on becoming your own fruit provider, and you’re about to read some insightful ideas.

First and foremost, you need to realize that growing fruits is not the easiest task you might handle, but it is not the hardest either. You need to know that pesticides and fertilizers are still going to be a big issue; luckily, you can lay your hands on a great gardening product that can really do you a lot of help: Watch Us Grow All Purpose Liquid Plant Food. You can use this fertilizer to rapidly grow your favorite fruits in a very health-oriented manner, you can ensure the quality of your fruits and their exquisite taste and you won’t have to worry about having wasted your money on seeds and other specific products.

Next, you need to decide upon the type of fruits you are most interested in. Make sure the soil you are about to use for your fruit garden is appropriate for the type of fruit you have in mind. Then choose soft berries, because these are some of the easiest fruits you could grow at home, they have excellent flavors and they are ready to be harvested when they are fully ripe.

Of course you also need to rely your decision on the actual size of your garden; you can also choose to grow tree fruits, provided you are have enough space to plant these trees and maintain them properly. Dwarf fruit trees might be some of your best choices, considering these trees are small in size and you can pick up their fruits extremely easy from above the ground. You can opt for blackberries, strawberries or berries that are known to grow on vines or bushes.

Picture these trees and the way they would look like inside your garden and make sure you’re making the perfect pick. Contemplate the growth of apples, pears or cherries, if these are some of your favorite fruits. Don’t worry about your crop being shred to pieces because of improper soil or damaging weather conditions. You can make full use of the All Purpose Liquid Plant Food fertilizer and enjoy your fresh and healthy fruit.

If you’re worrying about crawling pests, you don’t have to; there are plenty of ways of getting rid of those, and one of them refers to the use of tree bands that can actually capture these pests while they’re climbing up the trunks of your fruit trees. You can also use some highly efficient sticky plastic bands that are able to prevent ants and caterpillars from ruining your fruits.

All in all, there are many things you should be aware of before embarking on this sometimes demanding trip of fruit gardening; but with the right plan in your mind and Watch Us Grow All Purpose Liquid Plant Food, you’ll be ready to go.

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Container Gardening At A Glance

If gardening seems to always be on your mind and seeds and fertilizers are always a big issue for you and your decision-making processes, you might find container gardening a bit more limited, but a lot easier. If you own a balcony or a patio, you can bring on your exquisite gardening skills and make the most out of these small spaces.

You will find these mini-gardens a lot cheaper to be handling and maintaining, and even developing, and you might be able to find the time you need to cater to your plants’ needs a lot easier. You can make things even more exciting and you’re your own rooftop to display the large array of your gardening ideas and abilities.

You need to start by acknowledging the fact that even though you might now own the regular garden soil in a backyard, you still need to buy plenty of stuff such as special pots, window boxes, hanging backs and other containers and plant your own exotic or non-exotic plants.

You need to makes sure your plants are going to have all the light that they need, given the fact that their location will most likely be a more peculiar one. You also need to keep in mind that there are plenty of plants you can grow in your special containers even though the light sources might not be the best you can find. Ivy or licorice seeds are great plants you can make full use of inside the walls of your containers without having to fear your plants are not about to grow efficiently.

Moreover, you need to think of your container gardening as the perfect place to be using your All Purpose Liquid Plant Food fertilizers in and benefit from the rapidness in the healthy growth of your plans. There are plenty of folks who have reported wonderful results in relation to the use of the All Purpose Liquid Plant Food on their gardens, so your container gardening hobby is also going to win a lot from its use.

Other great tips that should encourage you to go on with your plan of setting up a great garden right inside your balcony or on your rooftop refer to the actual size of the containers you are about to use. Even though several small containers might sound like a safe idea, you could use a large pot instead and make full use of different filler plants to come up with the best view possible.

You should also decide upon the exact number of plants to include in your containers or large pots. The ideal number would be somewhere around three per pot, plus the extra filler plants which are going to add a plus of beauty and excitement. Make sure the pot you are about to use features a great drainage hole and avoid combining styles. You might find your ideas ravishing, but you might end up admiring some not very appealing pots. It’s really helpful to always try to add a certain common element – namely a plant, a flower or a type of veggies – that can be found in all of your grouped pots.

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Flower Gardening

The great thing about flower gardening is the fact that you can use it as a way of putting one of your biggest hobbies into practice, while relaxing and having a blast. Some people find listening to classical music the most soothing of all experiences; other, like you, prefer to spend hours giving care to their flowers and thinking of great ways to improve the display of their flower gardens.

There are many great tips and secrets you could put into practice and reach your goals as well, and one of them is, of course, the All Purpose Liquid Plant Food all-natural fertilizer that enables flowers, vegetables, fruits and other types of plants to grow rapidly into some of the most gorgeous varieties your eyes have ever witnessed.

If you are not familiar with this product but you’ve been contemplating the thought of trying it out, this might be a great time to do it. Your flowers definitely need it, whether we are talking about your roses, pink peonies or other choices of your own heart.

Perennials are exquisite plants that have the great tendency of springing to life month after month and beautifully blooming every time. They are the main strategic pillars of your flower garden, especially during those waiting periods when your flowers are not yet fully grown and your garden holds very few precious stones to be shown to the greater audience. These plants can last up until winter chooses to install its white coat over nature; you will notice these perennials fading away as soon as their leaves will start to die. But you’ll be their main greeter once they’ll return. Hostas or peonies and even daylilies are able to last for several decades, so you can see how advantageous it is to be growing this type of plants.

If you’re giving thought to the idea of completely revigorating or boosting the entire display of your flower garden by adding some perennials, you need to be patient, at least during their first year. This is normally the time when you’ll be able to see more of the clumps, and less of the flowers. Nonetheless, you needn’t let yourself be discouraged; your lovely flowers will have plenty of time to do their thing and grow into beautiful plants, and, by the end of their third season you will be amazed to admire their splendor. Should you choose to use the All Purpose Liquid Plant Food fertilizer, you can rest assured all of your flowers will soon start to look like they’ve been on steroids for plants!

You need to take into consideration the type of soil you have at your disposal, maybe contact your local flower shop guy and inquire about the plants or flowers you can rest assured are going to be efficiently growing and learn everything you need to know about the specific weather conditions in the area you live. While some plants might look awesome in those glossy gardening magazines, they might not really be at your reach.

Thank You to all of our gardener friends and we really appreciate your support. Please contact us anytime with any questions,
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The Miracle Of All Purpose Liquid Plant Food

The essential role of pesticide and fertilizers is unanimously recognized, admired and much-appreciated by every passionate gardener. Whether you are just starting out your first real garden or if you’ve got some experience in the field, you need to know that fertilizers such as All Purpose Liquid Plant Food make a lot of sense and a huge difference when it comes to comparing a garden that has met with this fertilizer, and one that has no idea what this amazing product is all about.

Of course there are other types of fertilizers out there, but the” Watch Us Grow” seems to be on top of its class. The promotion of lush and extremely green plant growths has never been easier with the help of the All Purpose Liquid Plant Food; so with a few gardening skills up your sleeve and this magical potion, you can leave everyone starring for a while.

You need to decide whether you are willing to use some potentially harmful fertilizers and pesticides, or if a fertilizer that is extremely healthy for both your plants and you, greener and really strong is something of your liking.

Once you give the Watch Us Grow All Purpose Liquid Plant Food a try, you are definitely going to regret not using it before. Whether you are a huge Asparagus fan or if cucumbers are more on your taste, you can rest assured your veggies are going to look and taste healthier than ever. Given the fact that this magic potion is highly concentrated, you will be satisfied to hear about its cost-effective features.

If you’re looking to do a little veggie gardening, you can enjoy the fact that your tomatoes or cabbage is going to be easily fed through their roots or leaves, that they will benefit from the perfect combo of nutrients that will make them grow as never seen before, and you’ll get all these while knowing you’re vegetables will be completely safe to be eaten.

Moreover, this amazing All Purpose Liquid Plant Food is known for its remarkably fast results that are directly related to the fact that it goes to work almost on the spot. Should you decide to give it a try, you can expect to witness some impressive veggies spring to life in no time.

It might also help quite a bit to know a few veggie gardening tips; for instance, you could boost your veggie garden’s efficiency by clearly developing an awesome garden plan. You should be able to use the beginning of the year, or the first 3 months, per say, to develop this extremely important plan of yours. Draw sketches and don’t be afraid to use your imagination and own taste, think of the veggies you adore and see if the soil you own can handle all of your plans.

You could also use companion planting, which literally means coming up with a great way of boosting the efficiency of your veggie garden; all you need to do is think about the vegetable you can pair and encourage them to grow and develop together.

Thank You to all of our gardener friends and we really appreciate your support. Please contact us anytime with any questions,
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