Tips for a Successful Garden – Orchids

In our opinion orchids rank among some of nature’s most beautiful flowers. Once you understand their basic needs it’s easy to grow them yourself. Most orchids require a moist, well draining media. There are several different types. A basic mix for growing orchids consists of coarse perlite, fir bark, and sphagnum moss. Different orchard varieties […]

Tips for a Successful Garden – Venus Flytrap

Most everyone has heard of the Venus Flytrap ,(Dionaea muscipula) We just wanted to give you some facts and myths about this unique plant. You might think of exotic images such as an amazon jungle to be where the Flytrap lives, But in reality they only grow naturally in a tiny geographical area of marshes […]

Tips for a Successful Garden – Crown of Thorns

The Crown of Thorns or some refer to it as the Christ Plant is thought by many to be a succulent, but it is not a succulent at all. More accurately it is a woody perennial or subshrub, for many the Crown of Thorns is considered  a house plant but can be and is an […]

Japanese Maple – Tips for a Successful Garden

Lets talk a bit about trees , The Japanese Maple  or Acer palmatum , Has brilliant ,delicate foliage that can come in reds or greens. Many don’t realize that many of the maple tree varieties come from Asia. There are well over 200 different varieties, all are great hardwood trees that are valuable for shade […]

Iceland Poppy – Tips for a Successful Garden

The Iceland Poppy or Papaver Nudicaule  is a biennial that will give you a long lasting show of flowers all summer long..  The Iceland Poppy was first discovered in Iceland as you would expect by it’s name, so it is native to the northern climates. They can be grown in all climates. Relatives of the […]

Balloon Flower – Tips for a Successful Garden Series

Balloon Flower or Platycodon Grandiflorus  is a hardy perennial, that will have your summer garden popping with large blossoms in a number of pastel shades. They come in violets , blues, white and soft pinks. The Balloon Flower is native to Northeastern Asia, the name comes from the Greek word “platys” meaning ” broad” and […]

Castor Bean – Tips for a Successful Garden Series

Todays writing is on the Castor Bean plant, a very showy and majestic plant that in tropical and subtropical regions can grow to be up to 40 feet tall. Where we are located here in Wisconsin it will grow to be 10 to 15 feet tall , and it will grow fast. It has been […]

Strawflower – Tips for a Successful Garden Series

This article subject is the Strawflower, the Strawflower is a gardeners favorite for many reasons, 1. It does not matter what your favorite color may be because the Strawflower comes in just about every color you can think of. 2. They are easy to cultivate… even for the inexperienced gardener , start them in a […]

Feather Grass – Tips for a Successful Garden Series

Feather Grass is a perennial that will dress up any garden or area you just don’t know what to do with, certain varieties can grow to be up to six feet tall when it gets to full maturity during the growing season.  Its long feathery appendages which give it an unmistakable appearance look so cool flowing in the […]

Hibiscus – Tips for a Successful Garden Series

The “Hibiscus” is our next topic of discussion , Less widely known as ” Rose Mallow ” it is considered a tropical plant. Therefore if you want to have it survive year round outside you need to be in zones 8 to 10 , refer to our “Climate Zone Map” on our website     But for […]