Beautiful Roses with All Purpose Liquid Plant Food

By: Watch Us Grow

It seems that no garden is complete without the eye catching and always stunning rose. There are countless varieties of roses all of which have beautiful blossoms.

We won’t get into trying to name them all, but choosing the one for your garden is all in the eye of the beholder.

We will give you the basic information you will need to grow a beautiful specimen.

First make sure you have the right soil, it’s best to do a PH level test .

Don’t be intimidated by this ,it’s easy. You can get the kit at your local Garden Center. And all the instructions are right on the package, it only takes a couple of minutes to do. The ideal PH level for Roses is between 6 & 7 , this level will makeit easier for your Rose to take up the nutrients in the soil.

Then you want to make sure your soil drains well , a good way to do this is to dig a hole about a foot deep and fill it with water, if the water drains away in a reasonable amount of time ( 10 to 15 minutes ) your good to go.

This is very important , if the drainage is not good enough the plant will never become well established and grow & thrive to it’s full potential.

If you find that your soil does not drain well , there are steps you can take to remedy the problem. The best thing to do is get yourself some THOROUGHLY COMPOSTED cow or horse manure, If it is not throughly composted it will cause root burn,and likely kill the plant. Or you can always buy recommended rose compost at your local Garden Center. Remove about a 2 foot diameter by about 2 foot deep amount of your existing soil from the location where the Rose will be planted. Take that soil and mix it with the composted material.

Put a generous amount in the bottom of the hole and place the plant in the hole.

Fill in the remainder of the space with your mixture.

Or if your soil is beyond help do a raised bed and have some good soil brought in.

Then water in with a diluted solution of Watch Us Grow Natural All Purpose Liquid Plant Food. The gentle 8-8-8 solution along with 5 key secondary nutrients and the proprietary recipe called FOL-ADE will help give your Rose the start it needs to grow & thrive into the center piece of your flower garden.

Most varieties of Roses need at least 5 to 6 hours of full sun a day to reach full potential. Photosynthesis comes into play here, with the Rose producing such a prolific amount of flowers , it needs as much sun as possible to regenerate the plants energy. If you do not plant a Rose in the sun for the aforementioned amount of time the plant will become spindly , will not produce the amount of flowers it should and will become prone to disease.

I hear from so many people , I can’t grow a Rose because those plants are much to fussy and take to much expertise to raise.


Roses are really not hard to grow at all, just follow the tips given in this writing and you will be amazed at what a great Rose gardener you will become.

Always remember that a plant like a Rose needs proper nourishment to give you the results that you expect.

The best Rose food you can get is Watch Us Grow Natural All Purpose Liquid Plant Food.

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