Christmas Trees & Cut Boughs last longer with Natural All Purpose Watch Us Grow Liquid Plant Food

By: Watch Us Grow

For those of us who still prefer a live Christmas Tree and cut boughs for the holiday season, Watch Us Grow All Purpose Natural Plant Food is the best known way of keeping fresh cut trees , greens and flowers as they were at the time they were cut.

Christmas Trees treated with Watch Us Grow All Purpose Liquid Plant Food as directed have remained fresh and green months after cutting.

One story comes to mind, The Paul Weiterman family that owned the historic Ivanhoe Supper Club in Jacksonport Wi. back in the 1980’s.

They had cut a beautiful white pine tree for Christmas. They displayed it in the dinning room of the Ivanhoe.

That tree treated with Watch Us Grow All Purpose Liquid Plant Food was still being displayed into July of the following year,it had put on 3 inches of new growth on each limb. And it would have continued to grow & thrive on a diet of Watch Us Grow, But Pauly said it was time to take it down, Seven months for a Christmas tree was long enough.

Directions for use of Watch Us Grow All Purpose Liquid Plant Food on Christmas Trees & Cut Greens

1. Add 1 Tablespoon of Watch Us Grow to 1 gallon of water

2.Mist spray until tree and boughs are wet. Allow to dry out doors.

3. Cut off base of trunk being sure to cut it back far enough as to remove dried end where tree was originally cut. This is an important step as this will allow the tree to take up it’s needed nourishment.

4. Fill tree holder with solution of Watch Us Grow All Purpose Liquid Plant Food ( 1 Tablespoon to 1 gallon of water)

5. Don’t let your tree holder run dry.

Now go get some Watch Us Grow All Purpose Plant Food in our shopping cart to protect your Christmas tree and Cut Boughs.

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