Container Vegetable Gardening Part 2

Previously, when people were suggested that they could do gardening inside their homes, they were taking this suggestion with a pinch of salt. But, now, this concept is a proven one because there are thousands, if not millions, of people who do this container vegetable gardening and reap immense benefits. Due to the extraordinary “vertical” growth that has been triggered by construction of condos and apartments, this type of gardening is gaining more and more popularity.

But, for doing this container vegetable gardening, you need the required tools, seeds, etc. apart from having the right type of containers. You should acquire sufficient basic knowledge of this so that your gardening experience will be easy and also you will find it useful.

The main benefit of this gardening is that it is highly flexible. There is no prescribed size of containers. You can even use containers that you already have available. But, planning is very important to do this gardening. Otherwise, instead of being an enjoyable hobby, it may turn out to be an arduous task.

You should first choose the right space inside your house. The space should have enough ventilation and sunlight because plants will not grow well if these two aspects are not taken care of.

Procuring the right containers is another important aspect you should focus on. You cannot have the same type of container for all the plants. Certain plants may require a broad space because their roots may spread widely. A few other plants may require vines to grow. These aspects should be taken into account while procuring your containers.

You can grow green onions, herbs and parsley in containers. Eggplant, peppers, tomatoes and a host of other plants can also be grown in container vegetable gardening. But, you should study the nature of the plant and its needs before you embark upon growing them in your garden.

You can buy the seeds from the local retailer or can germinate them at your home. Germinating the seeds at home is a great experience. They can be germinated in containers like a pot, baking pan or any shallow vessel. You do not need a perfect container for doing this. The only point you should ensure is to have a nutrient-rich compound so that germination takes place as desired. You should have enough sunlight for the seeds to germinate. Once they germinate and the plants sprout, you can transplant them to your containers.

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