Do you know your states official flower?

Do you know your states official flower? Check yours out below…

Alabama – Camellia
Alaska – Forget – me – not
Arizona – Cactus blossom
Arkansas – Apple blossom
California – Golden poppy
Colorado – Blue columbine
Connecticut – Mountain laurel
Delaware – Peach blossom
Florida – Orange blossom
Georgia – Cherokee rose
Hawaii – Hibiscus
Idaho – Syringa
Illinois – Violet
Indiana – Peony
Iowa – Wild rose
Kansas – Sunflower
Kentucky – Goldenrod
Louisiana – Magnolia
Maine – White pine cone & tassel
Maryland – Black-eyed susan
Massachusetts – Mayflower
Michigan – Apple blossom
Minnesota – Lady’s slipper
Mississippi – Magnolia
Missouri – Hawthorn
Montana – Bitter root
Nebraska – Goldenrod
Nevada – Sagebrush
New Hampshire – Purple lilac
New Jersey –  Violet
New Mexico – Yucca
New York – Rose
North Carolina – Flowering dog wood
North Dakota – Wild prairie rose
Ohio – Carnation
Oklahoma – Mistletoe
Oregon – Oregon grape
Pennsylvania – Mountain laurel
Rhode Island – Violet
South Carolina – Yellow jessamine
South Dakota – Pasque flower
Tennessee – Iris
Texas – Texas bluebonnet
Utah – Sego lily
Vermont – Red clover
Virginia – Flowering dog wood
Washington – West coast rhododendron
West Virginia – Rosebay rhododendron
Wisconsin – Wood violet
Wyoming – Indian paintbrush

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  2. The closest dealer to you is in Wausau , Marathon Feed

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