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In 1942 Stephen Follett began working on the theory that cuttings taken from parent plants suffer shock and that , until the cutting overcomes this shock, (1) they cannot produce roots and (2) they are susceptible to disease , making the loss of cuttings very high. In order to test his theory , he chose to use the geranium, a plant that takes most growers from 20 to 30 days to root and which has a loss rate from BLACK LEG -0 Pythium SPP of 25% on a national average. By compounding certain elements , which he later called” Watch Us Grow” All Purpose Liquid Plant Food he was able to root geranium cuttings in from 7 to 10 days (depending on varieties) and consequently reduced the loss due to BLACK LEG to less than 1%.

After testing this compound on 180,000 geranium cuttings he had obtained conclusive proof that shock and susceptibility to disease commonly experienced by plant cuttings was effectively reduced by the use of the product” Watch Us Grow” All Purpose Liquid Plant Food

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  1. We don’t use any soil conditioning fertilizer, we recommend adding composted material to your soil.
    every year continue to do this, your soil will get better and better .and then of course feed all your plants with Watch Us Grow all purpose liquid plant food

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