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Facts About Follett’s Watch Us Grow

  • All purpose plant food.
  • Superior pop-up fertilizer and foliar feed.
  • No leaching out or fixation of mineral nutrients.
  • Becomes active plant food within minutes of feeding.
  • Compatible with all known insecticides and fungicides. Two jobs can be done with one application.
  • Balanced complete fertilizer with 5 micronutrients.
  • Seeds germinate faster with more uniform growth.
  • Damping off nearly eliminated.
  • Plants more disease resistant.
  • Reduces shock and wilt in cuttings and transplanting.
  • Cuttings root faster.
  • Excellent results in grafting and budding.
  • Bigger and healthier plants, with lusher foliage larger blossoms and more vibrant colors.
  • Dormant trees, shrubs and plants produce new growth faster
  • Plants are more frost resistant.
  • Vegetables and fruits are larger with better color, flavor and higher yields and earlier maturity.

In 1952, botanist Stephen Follett of Egg Harbor, Wisconsin began to examine the survival rate of geranium cuttings, which, at that time, required twenty to thirty days to root. The loss rate due to disease was 25%. Follett theorized that the new cuttings suffered shock, and that they would not produce roots until they had overcome this condition. To test his theory, Follett began to do experiments using various compounds of fertilizers, trace elements and other organic and inorganic materials. After conducting many trials, he arrived at a liquid formula that promoted root generation in about ten days and reduced the loss rate to about 1%. His new discovery seemed to have an incredible effect on the cuttings.

New formula in hand, Follett invited a number of commercial growers to test his discovery. Over the next few years, his liquid formula was applied to 180,000 geranium cuttings with very positive results, proving conclusively that he had developed an unusually effective fertilizer product. He named his discovery “Follett’s Watch Us Grow.”

All the information found in this grow guide is based on the studies  and  experiments Stephen

Follett conducted over his life time working not only with commercial growers, but farmers and home gardeners as well. We hope you find it informative and helpful. If you have any questions, please let us know.

Today there are many dry and liquid plant foods on the market. There are formulas for house plants, gardens and lawns. Formulas for trees and shrubs. Formulas for fruits. And formulas for vegetables.

Watch Us Grow can be used on all plants, flowers, shrubs, trees, grasses, vegetables, fruits and house plants. It’s a 256 to 1 concentrate of three major elements (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potash) plus five micronutrients (boron, copper, iron, manganese and zinc).

What makes Watch Us Grow truly different from other fertilizers is our patented compound of eight ingredients that react on the elemental plant foods in the formula. Phosphate,  for example is a root stimulator but very slow acting so cuttings need a rooting hormone. This is not necessary when using Watch Us Grow because the patented compound makes all nutrients available much faster than other fertilizers.

The fortified 8-8-8 formulation when applied as recommend- ed to the foliage becomes active plant food in minutes with the plant getting up to 98% of the applied fertilizer. And most importantly, it will not burn foliage, even if accidentally applied at twice the recommended rate.

Because Watch Us Grow is a liquid concentrate, it mixes instantly when added to water regardless of temperature and stays in solution. On the other hand, granular fertilizers seldom fully dissolve when added to water because water from an outside tap is almost always cold. It’s similar to adding sugar to ice tea. You can stir all day long and the sugar never totally dissolves — there’s always some on the bottom of the glass. Another disadvantage to granular fertilizers is that unused portions can become hard clumps in the container, especially in humid weather . . . making it even more difficult to dissolve. These undissolved granules can clog sprayers and result in uneven application.

Most manufacturers on the other hand recommend that their fertilizers be applied directly to the soil. This method, unlike foliar feeding, is by far the least efficient way to apply fertilizer because:

  • Nitrogen leaches out of the soil and is carried away by water
  • Nitrogen can turn into gas and escape into the atmosphere
  • Herbicides may kill soil organisms preventing nitrogen from being converted into a usable form
  • Phosphate can be tied up in acid or alkaline soil
  • Potash can leach out or be tied up in clay soil
  • Dry weather retards the availability of soil nutrients

The end result is that plants may get only 25% of the value of the fertilizer . . . 75% of it never becomes active plant food.

Dry fertilizers with a 10-10-10 analysis, for example, are 70% sand or filler. And most all dry and other liquid fertilizers lack the important micronutrients essential for good plant growth.

A fertilizer is denoted by its “analysis,” with the three numbers on the label indicating percentages of the primary plant nutrients of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potash, abbreviated to  N, P, and K respectively. Plants can safely absorb only so much of these nutrients over time without injury to their roots and leaves (burning). Therefore, the amount of fertilizer that can effectively be used by a plant is less influenced by the N, P, K formula, such as 20-20-20, and more by the amounts of plant nutrients in solution that are safely absorbed by the plant’s system.

Watch Us Grow foliar spray is absorbed by all parts of the plant above ground immediately. It is more efficient than soil applied fertilizer which means that foliar fed plants have already been served while soil fertilized plants are still waiting for their food to arrive.

Watch Us Grow In The Greenhouse

Recommended Usage


Use the recommended diluted solution of 1oz of Watch Us Grow per gallon of water unless otherwise noted.


Larger seed can be soaked in diluted solution of Watch Us Grow for 5 to 10 minutes before planting.

Where seeds are sprinkled in beds, use 1 to 1 solution* instead of plain water.

When seeds are planted dry, thoroughly soak seed bed after planting with the diluted solution of Watch Us Grow.

Further applications of Watch Us Grow to seed flats is not necessary until transplanting.

Using Watch Us Grow in your planting procedure will give increased germination, greater root structure, more even immergence of plants, near elimination of damping off and faster growth of strong, well balanced plants.


As far as we know Watch Us Grow can be used on most cuttings.

Completely immerse cutting in diluted solution of Watch Us Grow, remove and shake off excess moisture.   NOTE:  there is a variation between cuttings, of the time between dipping and sticking of cutting. We recommend with certain types of cuttings such as geraniums, mums, etc. a drying period until stem ends are dry. Then moisten with solution and stick. When transplanting rooted cuttings, water in with solution.

Special Uses


When planting outdoors, soak bulbs for 3 to 5 minutes in a diluted solution before planting, then water-in with solution. Potted bulbs should not be soaked in Watch Us Grow.

Trees, Shrubs & Evergreens

Trees, shrubs, and evergreens, either balled and wrapped in burlap or in containers, should have their trunk, branches, twigs and leaves sprayed with a diluted solution before planting. Water-in balled roots immediately after planting. A diluted solution should be applied every two weeks thereafter.

Bare Rooted Perennials & Bulbs

Perennials or bulbs that are bare rooted should be completely submerged for 2 minutes in a diluted solution of Watch Us Grow before planting. When they start producing leaves, spray foliage every two weeks during the growing season.

Dormant Stock

Before you plant dormant, bare root trees, shrubs or perennials soak the roots in a diluted solution of Watch Us Grow for about half an hour. Spray the main stems and branches with solution. When planted, water-in the soil placed around roots with the solution of Watch Us Grow.


Whether you start your annuals in the house or garden, when planting, seed as directed and water-in with a solution of Follett’s Watch Us Grow. Hard seed like Morning Glory, should be soaked in solution diluted solution for 2 to 3 hours before planting.

When seedlings are big enough to transplant to individual pots or directly to the garden, mist spray the foliage with a diluted solution of 1 tablespoon of Watch Us Grow per gallon of water. and wait 15 minutes before transplanting to minimize shock or wilting. Annuals purchased in tray packs should receive a mist spray of solution a diluted solution of 1 tablespoon of Watch Us Grow per gallon of water before planting in the garden or containers. Water in with solution. Mist spray annuals with a diluted solution every two weeks throughout the growing season.

Dividing & Transplanting Perennials

Prior to transplanting/dividing, mist spray diluted solution perennials and let sit a few minutes. Dig up, divide/transplant and water-in with solution.

Follett’s Watch Us Grow for Vegetables to Hasten Seed Germination or as a Pop-Up

Follett’s Watch Us Grow used as a seed starter or pop-up has proven that:  

  1. Seed germinates earlier, 
  2. Higher percentage of seed germinates,
  3. Plants are stronger and develop more evenly in growth.


Home Gardener

Place small seed such as carrots, lettuce, celery, radishes, etc., in rows, water-in with a diluted solution, then cover seed with soil. Larger seed such as corn, beans, squash, cantaloupe, cucumber, etc., should be soaked in solution for a period of 5 minutes before planting. Seed potatoes need only a dipping into solution.

Follett’s Watch Us Grow for Lawns and Members of Grass Family

We recommend the following steps when starting a new lawn from seed.

After the soil is graded and seed sown, take a bamboo or metal fan rake, turn it over so teeth are pointing up and rake the seeded area gently to rake in seed. When this step is completed, water-in the seed with a hose End Sprayer using the 1 oz Watch Us Grow per gallon of water dilution.

After the lawn has had its first mowing, spray again using the recommended dilution. Repeat every two weeks.

If sodding your lawn, we recommend the following. After the sod is laid, use your hose end sprayer with the recommended dilution.  Repeat every two weeks.

For established lawns, use the recommended dilution in a hose end sprayer and apply. Start feeding in spring and repeat every two weeks for a lush green lawn.

Follett’s Watch Us Grow for Container Gardens & Hanging Baskets

Flowers and plants grown in containers outdoors should be treated similar to house plants. Mix the recommended diluted solution of 1oz of Watch Us Grow per gallon of water and spray on entire plant until it begins to drip from the leaves to the soil in the container or use a watering can with a sprinkler head to gently apply solution to foliage and soil. Spray plants in early morning when the sun is low and avoid spraying at mid-day.  Feed plants every two weeks.

Check moisture level in containers frequently. Plants in clay pots require more frequent watering because clay breathes allowing moisture to escape, whereas plastic containers do not breathe and moisture is retained longer.

Follett’s Watch Us Grow for Roses

Watch Us Grow is a perfect combination of fertilizer and minor elements for more and larger roses with richer colors and lusher leaves.

Planting Site

Roses grow best when they have full sunshine all day. They will grow satisfactorily, however, if they have at least 6 hours of sun a day.

Roses planted where they are shaded part of the day should be in a location where they have morning sun. This gives the sun a chance to dry off moisture on the leaves early in the day to help prevent leaf diseases from developing.

Planting Time

The proper time to plant packaged roses depends on the severity of winter temperatures in your area.

if winter temperatures do not go below 10°, plant any time bushes are fully dormant.

if winter temperatures do not go below -10°, plant bushes in fall or spring.

if winter temperatures regularly go below -10°, plant bushes in spring only.

Soil Preparation

Any good garden soil will produce good roses. If you can grow good grass, shrubs, vegetables and other plants, your soil probably needs no special preparation for roses. Soil that is very heavy or light can be improved by adding organic matter such as peat moss, leaf mold or manure. Spread a layer of organic matter 2 to 4 inches deep over bed and spade it into soil to spade depth, or about 12”. Use one part of peat or leaf mold to four parts soil or one part manure to six parts soil. If manure is used, add about one-half pound of superphosphate to each bushel.

Setting The Plant

Dormant rose bushes should be submerged completely in the recommended diluted solution of 1oz of Watch Us Grow per gallon of water for half an hour before planting. This will encourage rose bushes to produce roots faster, stimulate firm healthy growth and produce a more disease resistant bush. Left over solution can be used to water the rose bush after planting.

Form a small, cone shaped pile of soil in the center of each planting hole. Set the plant on the peak of the cone and spread the roots down the slope. 


PLEASE NOTE: If winter temperatures in your area regularly go below -10°, make the top of the cone low enough so the bud union of the plant is about 2 inches below the ground level.

If temperatures go below 10° but not lower than -10°, set the bud union 1 inch below ground level. If winter temperatures are warmer than 10°, set the bud union at ground level or slightly below.

Carefully work soil about the roots so all roots are in contact with the soil and make sure there are no air pockets around roots. When roots are covered with soil, water with the recommended diluted solution of 1oz of Watch Us Grow per gallon of water to help settle the soil about the roots. Complete filling the hole with soil.


Roses need large amounts of water. Even when rainfall is plentiful, occasional waterings are beneficial. Soak the soil thoroughly to a depth of 8 to 10 inches. Use a slow moving steam of water from a garden hose around base of the plant. A heavy stream is wasteful, as most of the water runs off and fails  to penetrate the soil. Because of heavy watering, fertilizers leach out and when Iron (Fe) leaches out of soil, leaves become pale to whitish. Using Watch Us Grow will prevent this from happening because the bush gets 98% of the food as foliar feed. With soil applied fertilizers the bush gets only about 50% to use as food.


Roses grow best in soil that is medium to slightly acid (pH 5.5 to 6.5).  If the soil pH is below 5.5, apply agricultural lime at  the rate of 3 to 4 pounds per 100 square feet. If the pH is over 6.5, apply sulphur. Use 1 pound of sulphur per 100 square feet  if the pH is between 7 and 7.5, 2 pounds if it is 8, and 3 if it is 8.5.

Watch Us Grow has proven to be an ideal product for roses. It can be used for foliar feeding or applied to the soil. When used as a foliar feed the rose bush receives the nutrients within minutes. And it is economical because the bush derives full benefit from all elements since they do not leach out. Apply  mist of the recommended diluted solution of 1oz of Watch Us Grow per gallon of water in sufficient amount to produce dripping off leaf surface. Application should be made every other week after growth starts and since Watch Us Grow is compatible with insecticides and fungicides you can both feed and apply spray material in one operation.

Do not apply Watch Us Grow in cold climates after July 15 or in mild climates after August 15 because it will stimulate fresh growth and delay hardening of the wood before winter sets in.

Watch Us Grow will produce strong, sturdy stems, large leaves and flowers with exceptional color and a much healthier plant.

Cut Flowers

Cutting rose flowers is in itself an important cultural operation. Improper cutting can injure the plant and decrease  its vigor. Use sharp tools to cut flowers, breaking or twisting them off injures the remaining wood.

Before cutting, mist spray the flowers with the recommended diluted solution of 1oz of Watch Us Grow per gallon of water, wait a minute or two, then cut. This procedure will eliminate shock and control wilt. On bushes treated with Watch Us Grow, roses may be cut above the topmost set of five leaflets because of strong stems.

When placing flowers into a vase of cold water, add a few drops of Watch Us Grow and mist spraying bouquets will help them last longer.

The care and pruning of roses varies according to variety. We cannot in this pamphlet cover all details necessary for their maintenance and pruning. We suggest you read books on gardening or roses for more information. We tried to cover the basics and explain how Watch Us Grow will produce more and better flowers on a healthier bush and give you the enjoyment of growing prize winning roses.


Use 2 teaspoons of Watch Us Grow per gallon of water and apply once a week. In the state of Florida water orchids with the solution 2 times per week in the summer and 1 time per week in the winter. North of the Mason Dixon Line water 1 time per week in the summer and every 8 to 10 days in the winter. For orchids grown under artificial lights – turn the lights on at   7:00a.m. and off at 11:30 p.m.

This is the recommended procedure for orchid growers in the North and greenhouse growers in the South for the Cattleya Type. The Vanda type orchid needs water more frequently. In the South water every day in the summer and 3 times per week in the winter.

In the North water 3 times per week in the summer and 2 times per week in the winter. The more light, air movement and increase in temperature the more able the plant is to absorb Watch Us Grow solution. The strength of the solution may be increased from 2 teaspoons to 1 tablespoon (3 teaspoons) per 1 gallon of water as these factors are increased.

Home growers: use the same dilution, 1 to 2 teaspoons of Watch Us Grow per 1 gallon of water and water every 2 weeks   in the summer and once a month in the winter.

Follett’s Watch Us Grow for Christmas Trees

Follett’s Watch Us Grow is the best known way of keeping freshly cut trees, boughs and flowers as they were at the time they were cut.

Freshly cut Christmas trees treated with Follett’s Watch Us Grow as directed below have remained fresh and green months after cutting. There are products on the market just for Christmas trees, but any Follett’s Watch Us Grow left over after the holidays can be used as directed on all house plants and outdoor plants.

Directions for use of Follett’s Watch Us Grow on freshly cut Christmas trees and greens:

Add 1oz of Watch Us Grow to 1 gallon of water.

Mist spray until tree and boughs are wet. Allow to dry outdoors.

Cut off the dried end of the trunk where the tree was cut so it can take up moisture.

Place in stand and fill with solution of Watch Us Grow.

Check daily and add solution as needed.

Follett’s Watch Us Grow for House Plants

Watch Us Grow, when used as directed, will give you more and larger blossoms, faster growth, healthier foliage and roots and plants that are more resistant to disease.

Make a solution by adding 1 tablespoon of Watch Us Grow to 1 gallon of water. Use this solution as a mist spray on the foliage every two weeks.


NOTE: If you do not rinse the dust and dirt from your house plants at least once a month, especially hairy leaf type plants such as African Violets, Gloxinias, Velvet Leaf, Geraniums, etc., then apply the Watch Us Grow solution to the soil in the pots since hairy leafed plants will collect a bluish residue on hair tips over a period of time. This condition can be overcome by using a strong mist spray of plain water on the foliage.

Follett’s Watch Us Grow can be applied to the soil in the pot. However, foliar spray is more efficient, giving the plant use of 98% of the fertilizer in a few minutes time, compared to soil application of dry fertilizer, in which case the plant may never get more than 50% use of the fertilizer. Watch Us Grow  will  not burn or dehydrate the foliage if applied in the solution strength as directed.

We recommend a foliar feeding program for house plants using Watch Us Grow mixed with water and applied as a mist spray to the foliage every two weeks. If you prefer to soil feed your plants, we recommend reducing the strength of the solution to one to two teaspoons of Watch Us Grow to one gallon of water. This strength solution is safe to use each time plants are watered.

We have recommended a fertilizer program for house plants using Follett’s Watch Us Grow. We have not given detailed instructions involving potting soils, watering, light and temperature requirements which are essential for good results in growing plants in the home and we suggest that you consult books on house plants for this information.

Follett’s Watch Us Grow for Cut Flowers And Bouquets

Use the recommended diluted solution of 1oz of Watch Us Grow per gallon of water in place of plain water in the vase for holding cut flowers. Then apply a light mist of diluted solution  to  the  flowers  to  aid  in  preserving assembled bouquets. Watch Us Grow, when used as recommended as a foliage feed, can be applied on blossoms and leaves without harm to either one. 


Never soak seeds or plants in clear water. Always use the recommended diluted solution of 1oz of Watch Us Grow per gallon of water.

Watch Us Grow is a concentrated liquid fertilizer made especially for leaf feeding which is the most efficient and economical way to feed plants. You may also apply Watch Us Grow solution to the soil.

Watch Us Grow is non-poisonous and can be used on all food crops. When used as directed, it will not burn seed or plant in any way.

Spray or sprinkle over entire plant applying enough to make leaves wet.

Start feeding program early in the season. After seed treatment use a minimum of 4 applications.

When transplanting, dip whole plant into the recommended diluted solution of 1oz of Watch Us Grow per gallon of water before planting.

You can mix Watch Us Grow with spray materials and apply at the same time.

Apply regardless of blossoms – no harm will be done.

Watch Us Grow becomes active plant food within minutes after application.  You do not need rain to get results.

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Cheryl Duclos
Cheryl DuclosEllijay, Georgia
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“For years, I was a die-hard Miracle-Gro user. I decided to try Watch Us Grow at least once and was astonished by how well it works. The best part is I only need one fertilizer now . . . no more one for this and one for that.”
John T. Czerniak
John T. CzerniakMt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania
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“With over 25 years of experience raising fruits, vegetables & flowers I’ve had the opportunity to use many different formulations and brands. I’ve been using Follett’s Watch Us Grow the past three years and it is the best I have ever used . . . much easier to mix, completely soluble and non-burning . . . from seedlings to harvest . . . I highly recommend it.”
Roy G. Hardwick
Roy G. HardwickRoyal Landscaping Shepherdsville, Kentucky
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“For more years than I care to remember I have used Watch Us Grow on any and all plants that we install. We have been so sold on this product that we include a paragraph in our Landscaping Manual for our customers explaining their best result for fertilizing and watering is realized when using Watch Us Grow. I’ve seen the results with its competitors and nothing outgrows Watch Us Grow. It has a proven track record with us.” sesso videos


Check out our FAQ or contact us with any questions you may have about our products.

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