How To Set Up And Maintain A Raised Vegetable Garden In The City

Raised vegetable bed gardening has turned out to have quite a number of advantages for both the novice and the professional gardener. It is quite a simple task to set one up and sustain it. The major benefit of this type of garden is that it allows you to better control the growing conditions for your vegetables.

No matter what your location, you will be able to set up and use a raised bed vegetable garden effectively. If you live in the city you can always use old newspapers to make compost. You can maximize on the little space that you have with ease and set up a no dig gardening option. To get this set up you would have to place organic materials on the soil like straw, manure or compost to make the soil rich in nutrients. You can even add microorganisms like earthworms to further help with drainage. The key is to have the most nutrient soil with easy drainage.

Raised vegetable bed gardening can be modified to, as said before, to fit into any space no matter how limited it may be. All that you have to do is to select the best spot for the raised beds and do the proper calculations to ensure that you will have enough edging material. In case you really are pressed for space you can resort to using large tubs or other containers.

How To Successfully Execute The No Dig Method

The first thing that one has to do is to line the bottom of the garden bed that you have constructed with wet newspapers. After that you can add some soil along with some organic material to the bed. If you wish you can even separate the bed into three sections. You can have one layer of straw, one of compost and one of soil. In the long run you want to make sure that you have healthy enough soil for your vegetables to thrive and grow. As soon as you have completed that task you can begin to plant your vegetables of choice. It will be even easier than the regular method as you do not need to do any digging.

Raised vegetable bed gardening is also a great thing for persons who may have limited space but still want to do a bit of gardening. In the long run think of the benefits. You will have healthy organic vegetables and you will save a bundle on buying fresh produce each time you need it.

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