Iceland Poppy – Tips for a Successful Garden

The Iceland Poppy or Papaver Nudicaule  is a biennial that will give you a long lasting show of flowers all summer long..  The Iceland Poppy was first discovered in Iceland as you would expect by it’s name, so it is native to the northern climates. They can be grown in all climates.

Relatives of the Iceland Poppy are Oriental Poppy and the infamous Opium Poppy.

The Poppy plant thrives in a sunny location and likes a nutrient rich well drained soil, you may have issues with your poppy plants if the soil is not well draining ,as they are susceptible  to fungal disease.

Poppies  are a great for boarder plantings, along a rock wall or any boarder of a garden, use one of the many varieties  and wonderful color choices  usually  white , yellow, red, pink and orange for the desired affect. Be ready for all of the beneficial insects to come calling, butterflies and honey bees love the poppy plant because of its abundant nectar and pollen, the birds also feast on the oily seeds that they produce.


They are also great for cut flowers for in the house , pick them just as the buds are ready to open and they will last for 4 or 5 days.


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