Look and Feel of Spring in your Home During Winter Months

By: Watch Us Grow All Purpose Plant Food

Yes.. You can have that look and feel of spring in your home during the winter months, And it’s easy to do , It’s called “forcing” bulbs , some good choices for this are Daffodils, Tulips, Crocus, Hyacinths .

In this writing we will talk about forcing in pots.

You should get new or sterilized pots for this project.

Your soil mixture should consist of 3 parts good garden soil 2 parts peat moss and 1 part sand, the fertility of the soil is not crucial for forcing, as the bulbs have enough food stored within to bloom once.

Plant bulbs of the same type together in their own pot, as different types have different planting needs. A good guide to go by is a 6 inch pot will hold 15 Crocus , 6 Daffodils , 3 Hyacinths or 6 Tulips.

Plant bulbs according to requirements on package , usually the nose of the bulb will be exposed.

Always use good quality and good sized bulbs.

When planting leave soil mixture loose and never press the bulb into the mixture.

Dip your bulb in a diluted solution of Natural All Purpose Watch Us Grow Liquid Plant Food before covering with your soil mixture.

Allow approximately 1/4 inch of depth from top of pot to soil as to leave room for watering. Water immediately after planting and never allow the soil to dry out.

Now your planted bulbs need a cooling off period or better known as a cold temperature treatment.

This needs to be 35 to 48 degrees F for a minimum of 12 weeks.

You can do this a number of different ways, unheated basement, attic, or outdoor cold frame, even a refrigerator. If you choose the refrigerator cover them with plastic and put a couple holes for breathing.

If you choose a outdoor cold frame, cover with straw or some sort of mulch approximately 6 inches deep.

You cannot allow the bulbs to freeze.

After the proper amount of time has passed , bring in your pots and place them in a cool sunny location . 50 to 60 degrees F is ideal for the first week or until the first shoots start to appear.

Then move them to a warmer area of the house , try to avoid direct sunlight.

Once the bulbs are blooming you will want to move them to a cooler area in the house at night to extend the life of the blooms.

You can go to www.watchusgrow.com For more gardening tips and a free planting guide.

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