Look what us here at Watch Us Grow All Purpose Plant Food dug up!

Watch Us Grow All Purpose Liquid Plant Food
The following is one of the many fun letters we receive from customers.
Dated May 20 1972  this is one of our favorites:
“Dear Mr. Follett Out here in the Azores we have a character named Gary Papermaster who goes around the neighborhood spraying a rather vile looking green liquid on anything from a squeaking hinge to a drooping petunia with sometimes dramatic results! He makes wild sounding claims for this concoction, calls it WATCH US GROW and says you are the head sorcerer who concocted it. After months of brainwashing in a moment of weakness I permitted him to
use this devils brew on my garden with startling results. My weeping willow no longer weeps, our blushing violets no longer blush, the pansies have grown hair on their chests, and the poor little worm that got hit by the spray ate the early bird this morning. I should also like to report that my listless mexican jumping beans were last seen by Apollo 16 on the way to the moon! In view of these dramatic results I am very anxious to obtain a gallon jug of your brew so please let me know the current price and instructions on it’s use as I am anxious to try it on myself!?
Thanking you in advance for your prompt attention to this matter,
I am Sincerely yours Harold A. Stark”
We have seen these for many years!
We really believe our product can do great things for all of our fellow gardeners and farmers everywhere.
It feels great to see the feed back we get from our great customers.
Thank You and Happy Growing,
Watch Us Grow

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