Modern Methods to Get the Best Yields Out Of Your Gardening

The advances in science have enabled the growing of higher amounts of yields within a short period of time. This has mainly been through the production of hybrid plants and fertilizers. One type of fertilizer that is gaining popularity is the liquid plant food. It is simply a solution of the essential nutrients that a plant will need to grow and produce yields.

This type of fertilizer can be composed of artificial nutrients or organic nutrients. the fertilizer that is composed of artificial nutrients usually works faster but has a downside of being harmful to the environment and can also harm the plants if not applied effectively. It is therefore recommended that you read and follow the directions on the packaging carefully.

These fertilizers can be divided into two main categories. First, there are those which are applied directly to the plants leaves and stem and secondly, those that are applied on the soil.

Applying plant food on the leaves and stem of plants is called foliar feeding. It works by directly providing the necessary nutrients to the plant through the small openings called stomata. This method has an almost immediate effect on the plant since the nutrients don’t have to be delivered through certain medium such as the soil.

If you intend to use foliar feeding on your plants, it is recommended that you spray them either in the early morning or late evening when the sun isn’t hot. This is because the stomata close during the day to prevent excessive water loss from the plant. This method is suitable for leafy plants or plants grown particularly for their fruit.

Applying liquid plant food to the soil occurs in the same way as applying granular fertilizers is done. However, the plant food will find its way into the plant faster than the ordinary fertilizer. However, in many cases, it doesn’t last that long in the soil (especially chemical type) and therefore regular fertilizing is needed. Some important aspects of these types of fertilizers include the following.

They are the most expensive type of plant food available today. Therefore, before going for them, you will need to consider if they are an affordable way to grow your plants. If they are too expensive, you can go for the other types of fertilizers. They will give you the best yields available since they give the plant
exactly what it needs and when it needs it. If you spray your plants regularly, you are
sure to get larger and better yields.

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