Organic vs. Conventional Farming

Organic vs Conventional Farming…. Do we have enough?

Many people in first world countries don’t even give it a second thought. Never having to worry about where your next meal is coming from rarely goes through the mind of these people. But throughout the world many do think about it,and for many it’s daily. I’m not writing this article to bash Organic farming, I think it has it’s good points as far as mother earth is concerned. I do believe that people are brainwashed to a certain extent about Organics vs. Conventional farming. For instance,most think that anything called or labeled Organic is good.

It’s just not true, there are many grey areas in the Organic laws & rules that are turning the whole organic farming movement into a cash cow for those involved. And as is with most everything our Government is up to their eyeballs in it.

The real point I want to make  with organic vs conventional is that we need conventional farming to feed the worlds population!

If we tried to do it with Organic farming we would starve, the following are some Statistics from the National Agriculture Statistics Service of USDA, organic corn yields could only produce 71 % of the national average for conventional corn production.

Organic soybean yields could only reach 66% of the national average, and organic wheat yields could only produce between 62 to 66% of the national average grown conventionally. To put these numbers into perspective,the organic yields of corn in 2008 are equal to what conventional farming was producing 22 years ago.

Organic soybeans equal to what conventional farming was producing 29 years ago, and organic wheat equal to 57 years ago. These numbers are alarming at best. Until organic production can equal or surpass conventional ways of farming, I believe we need to stay the course with finding even better ways to improve conventional farming.

One way we here at “Watch Us Grow” all purpose liquid plant food suggest is to incorporate foliar feeding along with conventional dry fertilizing. It has shown that growers can lessen the amount of dry fertilizer applied to the ground. Use “Watch Us Grow” all purpose liquid plant food as a supplement and have as good and better yields.

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