Poinsettia , A Colorful Holiday Tradition

By: Watch Us Grow

Traditionally most of us purchase a Poinsettia for the Holidays.

It’s a great idea, lets do it,

First you need to choose a good retailer to buy from, as always we recommend your local Greenhouse or Garden Center as they are very knowledgeable about the plant.

Choose a plant that looks generally healthy ( nice dark green leaves)and has upright branches , these will be much more sturdy than a plant with outward growing branches and will have less chance of being damaged in the transport to your home.

When you have selected your poinsettia your retailer will put it in a wrap of some sort if it is not already in one. This is to protect the plant from the cold. Get it to your car as fast as you can. Poinsettia do not like the cold , drafty areas or being brushed up against, this is stressful to the plant.

After you get your Poinsettia home, place it in an area with bright indirect sunlight, if they are wrapped in foil remove it.

This is done so that water is not trapped , don’t let your Poinsettia sit in water.

The best temperature for Poinsettia’s is 60 to 80 F .

After the Holidays your Poinsettia will likely be done blooming and will lose it’s leaves. But don’t despair you can keep this plant for next year if you wish to.

When your plant has lost it’s leaves cut it back to about 6 inches above the rim of the pot.

Then feed it with 1 tablespoon to 1 gallon of water of Watch Us Grow Natural All Purpose Liquid Plant Food every 2 weeks. When it gets warm enough to move the plant outside, usually 50 F , do so and put the pot in the ground and continue to feed every 2 weeks until the middle of September.

Then move them to a dark place still at a temperature of 50 F with no light . Continue to feed and water as needed and the plant will be ready for the Holidays once again.


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