Watch Us Grow

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All purpose liquid plant food. FREE Shipping!

  • Concentrated Liquid Plant Food
  • Becomes Active Plant Food Within Minutes
  • For All Indoor & Outdoor Plants
  • Feed Every 7 To 14 Days
  • Will Not Burn when used as directed
  • Use On Fruits, Vegetables, Flowers, Lawns, Trees, and Shrubs


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  • Makes up to 32 Gallons



  • Makes up to 64 Gallons



  • Makes up to 256 Gallons


5 Gallons:

  • Makes up to 1280 Gallons
  • Covers up to 7 acres

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5 Gallon, Gallon, Pint, Quart

14 reviews for Watch Us Grow

  1. Kody

    Been a gardener for many years… by far the best plant food I’ve ever used

  2. Jill

    Great product. Local company!

  3. Bob G.

    This is hands down the best plant fertilizer out there!!

  4. JG F

    I have used many different fertilizers over the years, this Watch Us Grow product is so superior to them all , easy to use and fantastic results!!

  5. Joanne Marshall

    Watch Us Grow is a fantastic fertilizer that I have used for many years!! The results are outstanding for flowers, vegetables, ferns, bushes and trees of all kinds. It is so easy to use because it is a liquid, and you don’t have to worry about it being toxic to people, pets or plants. It is developed and sold in our home state of Wisconsin! Also, the owner is very conscientious and concerned about the quality of his products that effect our earth.

  6. Lisa Vokoun

    Best plant food on the planet!!!

  7. Don Fochs

    Have been using your product since Boss had the shop in Egg Harbor on 42. The best.

  8. Monica C

    I’m buying this in hopes that it is the same product as a VERY old small container which is finally empty. I believe that this product is responsible for incredibly numerous blossoms on several orchid plants that enjoy a southeast facing exposure. I’m no horticulturist or even an orchid hobbyist. Going into their third year and each year the blooms increase. The output on one is very amazing.

  9. admin

    Yes , if the label says Folletts Watch Us Grow you,ve chosen the right stuff. Try it on all your plants you will be pleased with the results

  10. Rolf Grigoleit (verified owner)

    Very impressed with the results on ornamentals and turf ..

  11. Tammy Smith

    I’ve been using Watch Us Grow since the early ‘80s when I heard someone on Wisconsin Public Radio talking about it. I use it on my houseplants, on cuttings, and on my orchids when I don’t have MSU’s Feed Me orchid food on hand. I also use it periodically throughout the season on my garden.

    My favorite use is for transplants. I water the transplants before I coax them out of their pots. After planting them into the garden, I use a watering can to water the leaves. I have never had a case of transplant shock in over 20 years of using this method. Love this stuff!

  12. D Bakken

    been the best fertilizer i have ever used.. plants produce beautiful and grow like crazy. You wont be sorry with this purchase.

  13. Pattie Beeler (verified owner)

    Thank you for this incredible product!! Nothing works like this incredible product. I’ve used it for years. Before I started ordering it online, I use to drive from the Albany NY area to Cooperstown, NY to buy it at a cafe/garden shop there!

  14. delores dahlberg (verified owner)

    I’ve purchased this twice now for my father. He used to buy it by the case when he raised tobacco. Now he uses it for his beautiful yard. Trees, flowers, everything looks better after a dose of watch us grow

  15. Jessica Turner

    The green thumb skipped me, this product has made it possible for me to have plants in my home (that survive and thrive) finally!!

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