Raised bed vegetable gardening Part 2

If you have been considering raised bed vegetable gardening, then you are not alone. In fact, many people are starting to grow these vegetable gardens. The popularity has spread because of how many advantages one will have when choosing to use a raised bed. Not only that, but you can build a container in any shape you wish and can use this gardening system no matter where you live. You can make your vegetable garden as simple or complex as you wish. Perhaps the best thing about raised bed vegetable gardening is you can choose which soil you want to use. This allows your vegetables to stay healthy and produce year round. Below are a few more advantages to building a raised bed vegetable garden.

With a raised bed vegetable garden everything stays in place. You do not have to worry about certain plants or vegetables growing wildly within your garden. You will also be able to pick and cut over grown plants with much ease. No more bending over to pull weeds out of the ground and fight with deep plant roots. With your raised bed garden, weeds and plants can be removed easily. This is a major reason why raised bed vegetable gardening has become so popular.

Another great thing about having is the ability to have no concerns with draining. You will be able to see the water draining from your plants out of the bottom of your container. In order to ensure proper drainage however, you must make sure your container has small holes about an inch from the bottom. Another great tip is to place rocks under the soil to help drain the water. No longer will you have to drag a heavy hose all around your yard, because you can strategically place your raised bed garden close to a water source. Are you starting to see the beauty in this type of vegetable gardening?

You do not have to worry about pets or children messing up your produce. You can build your bed high enough to avoid any interactions with dogs or kids who may harm your plants. Another great precaution is to line the bottom of your bed with netting so you can also stop burrowing pets.

If you are thinking about raised bed vegetable gardening then you have an exciting road ahead. It takes time and money to get started, but the advantages of building a raised bed are too great to overlook.

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