Save Money by Growing Your Own Birdseed

Are you a person who enjoys having birds around your yard? Then you probably feed them.

So you also know that feeding your feathered friends is a bit costly. For instance a 50 pound bag of Black Oil Sunflower seed is nearing $30.00 .

Packaged birdseed is big business, approximately 4.7 billion pounds of bird food is purchased in the United States annually.

There is a way to save some money and still keep the birds happy. Try growing your own seeds, there are many different types you can grow easily.

Berry rich plants and shrubs will draw birds year round , also seed and nectar plants will keep them around.

Some varieties like sunflower , coneflower and cosmos – develop daisy like seed heads , which acts as an organic bird feeder. You can harvest your seeds and keep them for feeding at a later date. But I would recommend just letting the birds pick the seeds right off of the plants.

Feeding the birds is good for people, watching them feed in the backyard,either from a feeder or right off the plant ,is one of the most meaningful interactions that some people will have with wildlife.

Some examples of plants that birds will feed from are:

  • Sunflowers,  there are approximately 70 different varieties.
  • Corn, popcorn and Indian corn are just two of many different types.
  • Black eyed susan
  • Purple coneflower Cosmos

Look to the internet for many more bird friendly types of plants .

Remember when you grow your own, Feed them” Watch Us Grow” all purpose liquid plant food for bigger and better harvests for you feathered friends.

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