These tests were performed by PATH Consulting Services, Inc., and demonstrate that plants fertilized with Watch Us Grow produced more foliage and blooms and better color than those fertilized with the bloom booster and with the 20-20-20 product. Watch Us Grow is a truly superior product.

The first plant in each photo was the one using Watch Us Grow 8-8-8

The second plant in each photo was the one using Leading Bloom Booster 12-55-6

The third plant in each photo was the one using “Professional” All Purpose 20-20-20




Coleus plants were fertilized in a test to compare how Watch Us Grow compares to a nationally known, water-soluble fertilizer. Each fertilizer was applied at its recommended rate. The photo illustrates that Watch Us Grow provides superior growth, color and foliage versus the competition.

Other Coleus plants were fertilized with varying amounts of Watch Us Grow to see how they respond. The recommended rate is 2 tbs/gallon of water. The photo proves that at even twice the recommended application rate the plants experienced no burning of foliage. Competitive water soluble fertilizer showed extensive foliage burn.


Cheryl Duclos
Cheryl DuclosEllijay, Georgia
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“For years, I was a die-hard Miracle-Gro user. I decided to try Watch Us Grow at least once and was astonished by how well it works. The best part is I only need one fertilizer now . . . no more one for this and one for that.”
John T. Czerniak
John T. CzerniakMt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania
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“With over 25 years of experience raising fruits, vegetables & flowers I’ve had the opportunity to use many different formulations and brands. I’ve been using Follett’s Watch Us Grow the past three years and it is the best I have ever used . . . much easier to mix, completely soluble and non-burning . . . from seedlings to harvest . . . I highly recommend it.”
Roy G. Hardwick
Roy G. HardwickRoyal Landscaping Shepherdsville, Kentucky
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“For more years than I care to remember I have used Watch Us Grow on any and all plants that we install. We have been so sold on this product that we include a paragraph in our Landscaping Manual for our customers explaining their best result for fertilizing and watering is realized when using Watch Us Grow. I’ve seen the results with its competitors and nothing outgrows Watch Us Grow. It has a proven track record with us.” sesso videos


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