Cup & Saucer Vine – Tips for a Successful Garden Series

Our next subject is “Cup & Saucer Vine”, this flowering vine has beautiful blossoms, it is an annual in areas that have colder winters , this would be areas that get below 24 degrees F.

In areas that it stays warmer all year round this vine will grow to be 50 feet long or more. It’s a vine so it loves to climb , Erecting a trellis is always a good way to keep it somewhat contained, as it will cling to any rough surface and reach for the sun.

Please go to our website   and check out our  “Climate Zone Map” to see if you can grow the Cup & Saucer Vine all year round or as an annual.

The Cup & Saucer Vine likes a very sunny location and will grow rapidly when it is hot, it also likes a light , rich soil that drains well, it likes to be watered regularly but it’s best if you let it dry out between waterings.

Cup & Saucer Vine makes a great container plant for your deck or patio, make sure to give it room to stretch. Also the container you put it in should be at least 1 foot deep  and 1 foot across,  bigger is better in this case. And again a trellis of some sort is a good idea.

We here at Watch Us Grow recommend feeding your vine every 10 to 14 days with a solution of 1 ounce of Watch Us Grow to 1 gallon of water , If you have your vine as a container plant you can either feed directly to the soil or feed it foliar. Remember to NEVER foliar feed in the direct hot sun, feed it in the morning or in the later part of the day.




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