Marigold – Tips for a Successful Garden Series

In this article we will talk about and old favorite of many gardeners the ” Marigold ”

This flower is great for most gardeners that are looking for lots of blossoms and ease of care.

Marigolds are easy for the Do it yourself crowd , sow them yourself indoors approximately 3 to 4 weeks before the soil has warmed up and chance of frost is gone. Seeds generally germinate in 4 to 5 days , place your flats or pots in a warm location with diffused sunlight, after about a week the new seedlings can be moved to a sunny location, move them outside and transplant after the weather warms up. Of course you can always avoid the work and go to your local Garden Center or Greenhouse and pick up a flat or 2.

There has been so much hybridizing of the Marigold over the years it may make the decision of which ones to get difficult,  So many colors and types of flowers , shapes , sizes  its endless , their all pretty great.

If your a vegetable gardener, Marigolds have been known to be a natural pest repellent  , the foliage of the Marigold is many times not so nice smelling . You can plant them around the boarder of your garden to act as a wall of defense or comingle them with all your plantings.

Whether your thinking of doing Marigolds directly in the ground or in a container , they really can do well in average to poor soil conditions, they do like full sun the best , moderate watering ,  don’t overwater them , We here at “Watch Us Grow” all purpose liquid plant food always recommend feeding  your plantings. Mix 1 ounce of “Watch Us Grow” with 1 gallon of water , feed those Marigolds every 10 to 14 days

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  1. Thanks. Please do this again and include herbs and vegetables.

  2. Yes , we will be sending articles on a variety of plants periodically.

    thank you
    Watch Us Grow

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