Strawflower – Tips for a Successful Garden Series

This article subject is the Strawflower, the Strawflower is a gardeners favorite for many reasons,

1. It does not matter what your favorite color may be because the Strawflower comes in just about every color you can think of.

2. They are easy to cultivate… even for the inexperienced gardener , start them in a cold frame in early spring. plant them in rows and after they germinate and get a little size to them  transplant into small pots. this will give you stronger and healthier plants when you set them out after danger of frost is gone.

3. Plant them in a sunny warm location, southern exposure is great, they also enjoy a sandy , loose soil, they actually prefer a poor soil condition, and here is the part a lot of gardeners really like about the Strawflower. They can be grown in virtually any climate ,and if you forget to water that’s a good thing as they prefer to be on the dry side .

If mother nature gives you a wet growing season there is a chance it may be to much for the Strawflower, they may develop powdery mildew, you will be able to see this as a whitish floury coating on the underside of the leaves. They will wither and turn a yellow color, the best thing to do in this case is to destroy the plant.

The Strawflower is also a great flower for drying, use your imagination with this, so many things you can do , it’s always fun to have the kids out in the garden picking their favorite color and flattening them in a book.

As we said earlier the Strawflower does not need a lot of water to thrive, but when you do water them remember to mix 1 ounce of “Watch Us Grow ” all purpose liquid plant food in 1 gallon of water and watch the blossoms multiply


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