Rugosa Rose – Tips for a Successful Garden Series

We will start our series off with a Rose , “Rugosa Rose”

Many gardeners like this variety of rose for its hardiness , fragrance and ease of growth, as many of you know roses are not always the easiest flower to grow successfully.

an important part of this series will be letting you know where the featured plant can be grown, we will have you refer to the  “Climate Zone Map” found on our website

For this particular plant you will not have to do this as Rugosa Rose can be grown in all climates.

All roses like a soil that drains well, adding organic matter before planting is suggested.

Locate this Rose in an area that it will get full sun , and leave plenty of room between plants , it needs good air circulation to help to avoid disease from overcrowding.

As is with many roses , Rugosa likes ample watering, a good root soaking is suggested regularly during the growing season, you should also fertilize your rose throughout the growing season. We suggest  ‘Watch Us Grow” all purpose liquid plant food as either a foliar feed or as a root feed  mix at 1 ounce per gallon of water , feed every 10 to 14 days.

Pruning is an important part of growing any rose, the best time to prune is at the end of a dormant season, or as my Grandfather and developer of Watch Us Grow always said, “The best time to prune is when your shears are sharp”

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