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Feather Grass – Tips for a Successful Garden Series

Feather Grass is a perennial that will dress up any garden or area you just don’t know what to do with, certain varieties can grow to be up to six feet tall when it gets to full maturity during the growing season.  Its long feathery appendages which give it an unmistakable appearance look so cool flowing in the wind.

Some of the taller varieties originate from Spain and Portugal, and will need a little help in surviving the winter in the colder zones, we suggest cutting the grass back to half its height ,loosely tying them together, and then covering them with evergreen branches. When spring rolls around uncover them and cut back to approximately  2 to 3 inches above the ground.

Go to your local Greenhouse or Garden Center for the best selection of different varieties of ornamental grasses. Bring them home and plant in a sunny area , the Feather Grass prefers sandy , humusy soil , but will do fine in any well drained soil. Always remember to water in your fresh plantings with “Watch Us Grow” all purpose liquid plant food, mix 1 ounce of Watch Us Grow in 1 gallon of water and saturate your fresh plantings, this will spur on root growth and help the plant get established in its new home


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