Watch Us Grow all purpose liquid plant food will be writing what we will call ” Tips for a Successful Garden ” articles.

We will talk about all different plants from Flowers  annual and biennial , Perennials, Vegetables, Lawns, Trees, Bulbs,

Succulents, Fruits, Shrubs. We will also touch on soil types , pests and diseases..

We hope these articles will be enjoyable and helpful to you.


Thank you

The “Watch Us Grow” Team

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  1. I have a 20 acre vineyard and olive grove. I fertilized through emitters with the fertilizer coming from a 275 gallon plastic tank.Can I pour quarts of your fertilizer in the tank and feed it through the emitters to each plant and or tree??

  2. Yes You can feed Watch Us Grow through emitters, I will recommend 1 ounce per gallon of water

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