Fact or Myth, for as long as there has been life on this planet, herbs
and plants have been said to have outstanding healing powers.

The following are some widely valued medicinal plants and their purported

Oregano : aids digestion and stimulates the appetite
Marigold : improves eyesight
Garlic : increases physical strength
Fennel : controls the appetite
Chamomile : relieves stomach upset and insomnia
Bay Leaf : cures deafness
Basil : relieves headaches
Anise : cures indigestion
Aloe : fights wrinkles and baldness, heals burns
Parsley : sweetens the breath
Rosemary : improves memory
Sage : cures fever and epilepsy , prevents the plague
Summer Savory : relieves bee and wasp stings
Sweet Marjoram : relieves chest congestion
Thyme : controls coughs , acts as an deodorant

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