Winter Care for your Houseplants

Watch the  Watering of your Houseplants in Winter

By: Watch Us Grow Natural All Purpose Plant Food

Caring for your houseplants in the winter months is very different than it is in the spring and summer months.

Lets start with the most common difference, “Watering”.

Over watering is a common problem , it can be tricky to get it right. Plants can easily be killed by this.

One method to know if a plant needs water is the old finger test, Stick you finger in the soil about 2 inches if you feel any moisture it’s good, do not water.

Other ways to tell if watering is needed is soil color, if it’s light colored, that’s a sign of dryness.

Different areas of your home will need different degrees of watering . Plants that are located near heat sources will likely need more.

One method of watering in the winter is to give them a good soaking and shower when watering is needed, set them in the tub, turn on the shower with the water set at room temperature, soak them good and let them sit in the tub for awhile to allow excess water to drain.

This also removes some of the unsightly dust from the leaves.

After a watering like this it could very well be a month or so before you need to water again. But you must always monitor your plants as every house is a little different.

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