Winter Care of Houseplants with All Purpose Plant Food

To Feed or Not to Feed

By: Watch Us Grow

Feeding of houseplants in the winter months is a subject with many different opinions.

We here at Watch Us Grow Natural All Purpose Plant Food are of the belief that all plants will need some sort of feeding during the winter months.

Just like any other living thing, nutrients are essential for good health. Watch Us Grow will deliver one of the most well balanced feedings that a plant can get.

Houseplants do not go dormant in the winter , they are still carrying on photosynthesis and respiration -keeping their systems orderly. They are just doing it all at a much slower rate.

But of course there are so many different situations with peoples houseplants. The soil is very very important. In order to have a healthy and happy houseplant you must choose the right soil, use a fast free flowing mixture that drains quickly.

Do not allow the plant to sit in the mixture that has drained through for an extended amount of time.

For flowering houseplants such as African Violets or Christmas Cactus , continue to feed them as you normally would during the rest of the year. 1 tablespoon of Watch Us Grow per gallon of water every 2 weeks, apply to soil or mist as a foliar feed.

The African Violet for instance will need to be fed through the soil.

Your nonflowering houseplants will need their feeding

dosage cut back to 1 teaspoon per gallon of water and feed them once a month.

And as always with Watch Us Grow you Natural All Purpose Plant Food can feed either through the soil or mist as a foliar feed.

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